Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do re mi fa so la ti doh...

One of the hardest questions anyone can ask me is 'What genre of music do you like?'

To me, music is a part of my life. Either it's playing on my laptop, TV, phone, guitar or in my head/mouth - sometimes in more than one of those places at the same time.
What do I love about music? It's everything. Yeah, from the concept to the lyrics to the beats to progression and the weirdness. Some years ago, a friend was looking at my favorite playlist which I tagged 'Aibet' and he concluded I was very weird. This was because the whole playlist was a potpourri. If the songs were not individually strange, the transition of the now playing track to the next one was. That's my way. Linkin Park fades into Awilo Logomba then to Kenny G. Ok, I think I see my friend's point now, it's totally weird.

To me, there's no rap, rock, makossa, pop, blues, acappella, psychedelic rock, metallica, fuji, jazz or apala. There's just music. That doesn't mean I like all the songs in the world - that's ridiculous, I don't know all the songs in the world. I don't like all the ones I know either. Just that I'm a lot open to different kinds of music. 

I love music, it's like a second skin (hope that makes sense?). The lyrics of one Acappella song says 'If there were no God, there would be no music'. I totally agree. Something that beautiful must be divine. You know, like love is divine.

If you don't like or care about music, I am because of you, sitting on an elevated chair, wearing a white wig, a black robe with a wooden hammer in my hand and peering above the top of horn-rimmed spectacles resting on the tip of my nose - judging you!

So, if you are looking to ask me the hardest question in the world, then you know what to do.

What do you think about music?

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