Saturday, January 15, 2011

I know kung-fu!

First I must say that what you are about to read may not make a lot of sense to you. It doesn't make much sense to me either. All the best!

Every little boy, well, the 'normal' ones love action flicks. The movies with a lot of 'Kpishauns' and 'Gbish, gbish, gbish!'. In other words, shooting (guns, not bad grammar) and fighting.

When I was 'littler', I wanted to be like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and all those other guys that can kick the butts of hundreds of bad guys at the same time using only their left hand. Yes, they were that good. They kick with their HANDS. This was not peculiar to me in any way. It was a shared dream. All my friends and classmates dreamed that dream too, even though we couldn't pronounce the names properly, we still wanted to be Bu Slim, Jet Link and Jacking Shan!
There was a time I attempted to do a hand-stand in school as a show-off to all my friends who had no kung-fu talents. I was successful, for only about 1 x 10^(-6) seconds. The ones who were slow in looking only saw the concluding part of the move, the part where my 'bumbum' hit the hard floor. The even slower ones caught only the part where the floodgates opened and tears rolled, for me, by me.

I look back at days like that and I laugh. The 6-year old boy inside of me still desires those things and comes to the surface once in a while. I want to be able to jump from one building top to another, I want to be able to stand on a tree branch on only my left foot while assuming a Shaolin monk stance. I want to be able to kick an enemy in the head with my descending foot while doing a full front somersault. I have on a few occasions kicked the person nearest to me while sleeping, more often than not, my brother, while I was doing some serious martial art stunts in Remland, the land of dreams.

It is like that in real life, we have got different dreams, different aspirations at different times. Then comes 'reality' with it's famous limitations.

Now, I could have been a kung-fu ninja, if I had gone to one of those Shaolin temples in China. If reality hadn't told me that would be crazy. Not that I still want to be one, I don't think I will ever be able to restrict the use of my skills to just defense anyway. I'm just saying if I wanted to be, I could have, by just going the length to do what is required.

Next time you wake up and you exclaim, 'I know kung-fu!' and reality tells you, 'For the last time, no you don't!', tell reality 'Shut up! What do you know?' Find the nearest tree, climb to the top and do your Shaolin monk stance on the thinnest tree branch, because you can!


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