Monday, March 21, 2011

Election fever

Hi everyone.

If you are a Nigerian and you can read this, then you must surely know that elections are close by. It's been 12 straight years of democracy and I must confess that the interest by the public has never been higher. The future is definitely bright for us.

Gone are those days when the average Nigerian sits in his house and says it does not matter who he votes for because who will win will win. Now it's RSVP - Register (check); Select (mostly check); Vote (coming up); Protect (our responsibility).

My blog post is based on the protect part.

INEC has confirmed that a modification of the open ballot system used during the 1993 elections will be used at the polls in 2011. This means you get accredited first, then on completion of accreditation, voting starts as each of the accredited voters would have the chance to secretly make their choices in the open view of everyone . At the end, the votes will be counted and results announced there and then, making sure the number of votes does not exceed the number of accredited voters. This way, everybody can be counted and accounted for.

A very good friend of mine designed a simple website which serves as a medium for independent collation and monitoring of election results. The aim is to gather as many volunteers as possible to monitor the varioous polling booths and upload the election results at their stations as it is announced. This will give everyone an indication to our the election is going and hence protect our votes.

We all pray to God to give us a better Nigeria, this is our own part to play.

Sign up as a volunteer today!
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