Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My See Rees Countdown

I am not a huge fan of TV series. I believe most of them are almost never-ending and boring. Also, my screen-staring stamina is not very impressive...you can ask Lord of the Rings trilogy.

However, some series stand out for me and has been worth every sleepless nights, every forced fasting and every books left unread because of them. I'll start from number 10, enjoy.

10. Heroes
      This is to make up the numbers really because I totally switched off after the first season. Good concept but way too many characters in my opinion. Some of my friends would probably kill me for that review. Save the cheerleader, save the world...maybe I'll understand what that means tomorrow. Hiro Nakamura was my favorite character by the way.

9. Smallville
    My former roomies can testify to this...when you start to hear the song, 'Somebody saaaaaave me', you know I'm at it again. Nice story, got tired however at about the 5th season. I was wondering what Clark Kent was aiming for, or were we just being sentenced to staring at his day-to-day life? He should also find a solution to his Kryptonite problem, it's annoying. My brother is still a huge fan of the show.

8. Grey's Anatomy
    A medical series, at least in part. Started with the stories of some interns and the progress they made from day to day. The drama was interesting and they ended up with almost all the imaginable permutations of sleeping together. I got bored when they decided to fade out my favorite characters: George O'Malley and Preston Burke. I still watch it once in a while, but that's when the other seven series yet to be reviewed are not available.

7. The Simpsons
   Lolol! This crazy series is the king of parodies. The family is dysfunctional and guaranteed to crack you up. I watched the first 2 seasons and I loved it. The first time I saw an episode was in 2005 in a friend's room, I cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard. But can anybody be as dumb as Homer?

6. How I met your mother
   This series which is supposed to give an unsolicited narration of how the title character (Ted) met his wife to his children is one of the funniest things on earth. From the antics of the lively Barney Stinson to the hilarious banter between Ted and Marshall and then Marshall and Lily then Ted and Robin, there's the making of a great show. I'm still waiting to hear how he met their mother though. I also love the flashbacks and flashfronts. It's legen...wait for it...dary!

5. Scrubs
   Hahahahahaha! Very unserious doctors. If only that were real. They do crack me up really. JD's imaginations; Perry's sarcasm; Turk's dance; the Todd's persona among others. Great series for me, anyday! I love the soundtracks too...have them all.

4. Boston Legal
   Gee...these lawyers are not normal one bit! One is always shouting his name to himself, he's got a male friend who is almost like his wife. The cast is completed by various lawyers and paralegals each with their own degrees of craze - cue Edwin Poole on 'Casual Monday'. I like the atypical way they win their cases, and the hilarious vacations they go on...and the theme music. Finally, Denny Crane!

3. House MD
   This show which centres around a limping, pill-popping, emotionless, jackass, bad-mouthed, misanthropic, sarcastic, genius doctor and his team, colleagues and Cuddy is one of my favorite show. Unlike Grey's Anatomy, it is actuallly more medical. Case after case, the way they solve the mysteries and the puzzles, it's phenomenal. I still prefer when the team was Chase, Cameron and Foreman though. Boy, does he like to torment Cuddy?

2. 24
   High powered, adrenaline pumping series. Jack Bauer at the center. My roommates and I were arduous fans of this show in my last 2 years in school. We saw it with speakers blazing, we applauded all the JB moves, we dodged bullets with Jack and we all had the CTU ringtone as our ringtone. I remember toward our 5th year professional exams, we got a new season of the series and had to throw it on the cupboard, behind the big travelling bags so that we could read for exams instead! Ended at Season 7, I miss that show. My girlfriend loves it too!

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
   Friends is a show about six friends, none above the other. A 10-season classic complete with humor, drama, adventure and even mild action! I love this show, more than anything on screen. I have the whole 10 seasons on my computer and I've seen it up to 9 times! I can act it along with them. Not one day passes without me thinking about Friends. I'm obsessed. Hahahahaha. My favorite character, Chandler! He makes sarcasm cool. 

That's my top 10 in a nutshell, not that I've seen any other series apart from those ten...don't judge me.
Ok, I need to pee, bye.

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