Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worst song ever?

Twitter is a crazy network, a useful one at that. Can turn you into a star, overnight. I am not here to talk about twitter sha. Not today.

There has been this fuzz over a certain 13-year old Rebecca Black who has received over 29 million views for her music video 'Friday' uploaded on Youtube. The song has received a lot of reviews most of which are negative. Some have tagged it the worst song ever! She has trended for close to a week on Twitter now and to quote a tweet: 'We don't hate Rebecca Black because she is trending, Rebecca Black is trending because we hate her.'

I decided to add one to the views of the video and I saw that even though the video was not cool, it was not as bad as people painted.
Maybe that's due to the fact that I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I think it is more because I have seen worse.

I stumbled on a video by a certain guy on facebook. I think that is the worst song in the world. I would like to share the torture with everyone. So 'enjoy'.

If you have suicidal tendencies, don't watch. It might activate that potential.

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